December 4, 2023

by Ahmet Abdulaziz……..

Life is the name of constant struggle, and to struggle we must know, whereas to know we must learn. This is the chain that keeps us on run the whole of our lives. The never-ending process of learning is what we constantly go through.

Learning through books is simple, because people can always refer back to what is written there. So whenever a situation arises, that puts a person in a situation where he finds himself unable to take a decision, he can always consult the books. Consulting a book, does not always guarantee a correct decision, but it does give relief of the pressure and helps him to get out of a situation of indecisiveness.

That’s what we all pass through, whether we accept it or not, as most of the grown ups usually do not want to accept that they have learned something new from their children, for instance. But this process goes on and on whole of your life

So books and experience are the main teachers of our lives, that help us in understanding the problems and in working out the solutions.

But that’s not all. In fact it’s our children from whom we learn a lot. Interestingly we parents usually think that we teach our children, but although most of us do not accept this we all learn a lot from our children, although we never treat them as our teacher. I feel sorry for the children who do not get appreciation for letting their parents grow with them.

It is easy to give a reply to a small child, as response to a query made, even though if we do not know about it. Most of the children usually forget the replies given by their parents, but the situation becomes very serious when the children grow up. With grown up children the problem is that frequently you come across such a situation where the parents are supposed to show a way to them, but finds out that they have not been able to grow along with their children.

At times it happens that the parents get caught off guard when any of the children ask their opinion about something for which they (the parents) did not have a clear idea. But to save their own skin they do give some reply, thinking that it may be sufficiently acceptable to the child, but in fact neither the parents nor the child get satisfied. Subsequently on one side, the child constantly remains confused about that particular matter, the parents too continue struggling to find a logical reason enough to satisfy both. Most probably, by the time the parents find some reasonable explanation, the child would have taken it’s own decision.

But this is life, where children learn from parents, as they set examples for them, and the parents struggle to improve their knowledge in the light of the questions and enquiries raised by their children. However, in the long-term time shows if both of them had learned from each other, or not.

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