December 8, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz……

During last few years we have seen a group of marathon runners in Turkey who have managed to attract world attention, by running in a 3 piece suit. 

By exhibiting their extraordinary endurance, they have succeeded in attracting a large number of followers, and to spread their message to more and more people. These marathon runners frequently run for social causes .

Belkiz and Huseyin Burgaz are two such Istanbul based marathon runners. They were fellow runners for sometime before they got married. Now they participate in long distance race events, wearing suits etc. They made their name known when they ran a race in their wedding clothes in 2016.  In fact the day after their wedding they had participated jointly in the 94km long ultra marathon race in the Mount Ida area,  which is a mountain in northwestern Turkey, some 20 miles southeast of the ruins of Troy, along the north coast of the Gulf of Edremit. They refer this particular 94km race as their honeymoon race. This is something which perhaps no one has ever done  before.

Belkiz and Huseyin Burgaz cross the finishing line together 

Ever since the two runners have jointly participated in marathon and ultra marathon races. Huseyin Burgaz maintains his uniqueness by running in his coat, trousers and tie.

This duo has run innumerable races together and are also very eager to run for social welfare  causes.

Belkiz and Huseyin Burgaz
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