December 8, 2023

By Margaret Sheard …

We were so sad to hear the news that local Doğanköy resident, Michael Pickworth, died on Wednesday 14th March.

We hadn’t seen Michael for some time but in the past we had a lot of contact with him to write about his wonderful work of helping others, specifically his time in Tijuana when he spent time helping the poor people of the area.   His story, which was extracted from his personal diary in 2012, started with these words – I have the pleasure of knowing a local resident of North Cyprus who is a deeply religious and caring person and having had a good life wanted to give something back to those less fortunate.   For the purposes of recounting how he has done this, as he is not seeking recognition or glory for his kind deeds and prefers to remain anonymous, I will be referring to him as Matthew. 

He was such a modest person who did so much good and sought no reward. The account of Michael’s trip to Tijuana is well worth reading and gives an insight into the wonderfully kind person he was.  click here

Michael was a very religious man and his faith was very evident in the many long journeys he made to other countries help the poor.   He was a quiet man who was well liked by all who knew him and he will be missed by many.

The funeral will be held at Green Hill Cemetery on Tuesday 20th March at 10.30am.

Rest in Peace Michael.

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  1. Very sorry to hear the bad news, but thanks for the information. I will always remember him.

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