Animal care

TRNC : Poisoning of animals must stop

By Stephanie Harrison-Croft …
Hope4Pets …

The huge amount of STAGGERINGLY SHAMEFUL POISONINGS of Dogs and Cats reported to H4P over recent weeks here in the TRNC from all over the island are a shameful reflection on our society here.

We as a Charity are committed to report such atrocities and raise awareness to such despicable acts of cruelty and abuse towards animals. It is our duty to do so.

Animals have suffered horrendous deaths in all areas of the TRNC predominantly in Lapta, Alsancak, Catalkoy, Ozankoy, Lefkosa, and Guzelyurt. Animals have also inexplicably disappeared without trace from many of these areas and others too.

We have photographic and video evidence posted onto our FB group almost on a daily basis and it is a truly disgraceful reflection on the island we live in and its lack of maintained policies. The world sees, the world hears and the world boycotts visiting an otherwise beautiful place because of this alone.

Only the government can impose stricter controls in condemning such poisonings and enforcing prosecution of the individuals who perpetrate such acts and H4P will strive to continue to stamp this barbaric practice out, and to educate and raise awareness for the betterment of animal welfare in the TRNC.

We live in the year 2018 and to allow these all too common practices to continue should be considered a crime.

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