December 6, 2023

International Women Artists Meeting, was held this year with the contribution of Girne Municipality and Deniz Plaza in cooperation with the Intercultural Drama Association, with the aim of emphasizing 8th March International Women’s Day, and started with a press conference held at the Science University of Cyprus.

There will be many panels and workshops open to the public for a week’s duration which will have participation from Cyprus, Russia, Bashkortostan and Morocco and the guests of honour will be İnci Kansu and Nilgün Güney from Turkey. The artists from the TRNC will work together with the other country’s artists in Girne Public Library.

Speaking at the meeting, International Women’s Artists Art Meeting Project Coordinator and Curator Ipek Denizli Karagöz said that her goals were to pass the International Women Artists Museum in Kyrenia at the end of five years.

Sevilir: An important arts organization

Pervin Hürelli Sevilir, President of the Interactive Drama Association, stated that they would perform a “Bedesten” drama workshop on 16th March in Nicosia, expressing great pleasure in putting this once again in this important artistic organization.

Göksel: We will continue to contribute as a university

Professor Doctor Ahmed Bülent Göksel, the Rector of Cypriot Science University, stated that the world can be a totally different place in the case of unity of women and stated that they will continue to contribute to such activities that bring together science and art.

Tunçalp: Great importance for Northern Cyprus

Nilay Tunçalp, Director of the Cultural Department, stated that they will continue to contribute to such cultural and artistic events, which take place with the participation of artists coming from different countries and which are of great importance for Northern Cyprus.

Güngördü: Cities integrate with people

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü emphasized that culture and art are always of great importance, indicating that cities integrate with people and activities in urban life cannot be considered separately.  Güngördü pointed out that such organizations with international participation are also important for the promotion of the country. He reminded that 930 works from 71 countries participated in the competition of International Olive Cartoons last year and said, “All of us say yes to sanctity, culture of tolerance and peace develops in the world.”

Özyiğit: Art has no embargo

In his speech, Minister of National Education and Culture Cemal Özyigit noted that art activities, which are the result of the emotional thoughts of individuals, also reflect the expectations of society, their lives and especially the attention of women artists to different meanings.  Özyiğit said that the artist’s hand-painted works are a cultural heritage borrowed from the future.

He continued, “The important thing is to protect the values from the past, to move these works towards the future, to light the future and to give direction. If there is a Turkish Cypriot community in this country, this future will be shaped correctly. Transforming a society is crucial, but in doing so, we must, of course, pursue the correct readings of the world and maintain our beliefs and values in our own evolution. I give 3 words for this –  Scientific, Democratic and Secular Education”.   He also stated that there is no embargo in the arts, and noted that if the effort is made, the world can be reached.

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