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Ministry of Public Works and Transport

Maintenance Work launched on the Çatalköy-Değirmenlik Road (Girne mountain road) on 5th March  2018 has been completed.  Starting from tomorrow (13.03.2018), the temporary usage limitation, implemented since 5th March 2018, will be lifted.

Since 5th March 2018, vehicles carrying less than 9 passengers were banned from using the road between 9am and 7pm and vehicles weighing 5 tons or more were banned from using the road between 7pm and 9am.

Within the framework of the work, 5000 square meters of asphalt has been renewed. Work to replace the damaged crash barriers, traffic signs and line marking the lanes is continuing and will be completed as soon as possible.

With the work completed, the Girne mountain road had become more safe with regards to traffic. The road will continue to be maintained where necessary until the new road with its new route is completed.

We would like to thank drivers and the people living in the area for the patience and understanding they have shown while the work has been carried out.