August 15, 2022

Readers mail …..
Pamela Tschersich (TFR Committee) …

In December 2017 The Foreign Residents  in the TRNC (TFR) held their annual Year End  Christmas dinner and dance at the Deniz Kizi Hotel in Alsancak.

The profit from our raffle came to 800 lira which the TFR topped up to 1.000 lira to add to our donation for the Island’s brilliant 112 service, in appreciation of their work and dedication. Mr Deniz Karadeniz the owner of DENIZ MEDICAL, Girne, also very generously joined us by adding more medical equipment towards the donation for the 112  ambulances. The TFR  would also like to thank  Cardiologist Dr Levent Soyer, from The KMC medical centre for his help in advising and liaising with the 112 ambulance service to find out the equipment they most needed.

This donation took place on Wednesday 7th March at Lapta’s  Sağlık Merkezimize Hastane . This small clinic/hospital is staffed by 2 resident doctors , nurses and ambulance crew.

It was a pleasure to witness their delight when we handed  over the much needed items, and having been a recipient of a 112 call out last summer where the memory was of  a kind, efficient , caring crew which helped ease a very frightening experience.

In attendance, were representatives of the TFR committee –  Pamela Tschersich, Events Manager and Treasurer Horst Gutowski. Representing the Medical  Services  were   Dr Levent Soyer and  Güley Abatay from The Ministry of Health.   In appreciation of the donation the TFR were awarded a plaque thanking them.

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