December 8, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz……..

The Press Workers’ Trade Union (Basin Sen) is organising the screening of a short documentary film entitled ” MADNESS SEASON” (Cinnet Mevsimi) in Turkish, at their meeting centre of the Union  in Nicosia, on 2nd March at 8 pm.

Based on the life story of Arda Ertan, who lost his life as a victim of drug traffickers in 2015, the documentary is expected to be received well by the audience. This documentary was made in 2016. The screening of the film is scheduled on 2nd March which  would have been the 29th birthday of Arda Ertan.

The film  not just  highlights the life of Arda, but also brings forth the danger looming over the heads of our youngsters, as the drug traffickers are becoming too active in this country. Directed by Elvan Levent, the film aims to highlight the various aspects and effects of drug trafficking. The director has tried to bring to light the seriousness of the issue and the factors and aspects of this menace, which have usually not been taken too seriously.

The film is perhaps the first serious analysis of the drug menace, and aims to guide everybody and especially the young students, into not falling prey to drugs. The director believes that his endeavour would also be a guideline for the next generations. The film thus carries a direct message to the young generation.

Arda was 26 when he lost his life.  It is hoped that this documentary film would keep his name alive in years to come, and is expected to save the lives of many youngsters

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