TRNC Off Road Fixtures Announced for 2018

By Ahmet Abdulaziz……..

The Kyrenia Offroad Association (KYOFF) and The Northern Cyprus Off Road Association (KKORD) announced the racing calendar for 2018.The joint associations announced the program after discussing the proposed races to be held during 2018. The Kyrenia Off Road Association, as in the past, will be organising the traditional “Cyprus Off Road Attack”, “24 Hours Off Road” and “Afrodisia 2018” competitions.  As in the past KYOFF will be organising the Attack in March, the 24 hours races in June and Afrodisia 2018 races in October.

The Northern Cyprus Off Road Association (KKORD) announced it will start the season in March by organising a race in Alagadi. The second race will be organised at the ZET racing track. The third race will be organised at the Plumer track in September. The fourth and the last race is planned to be held at the Kombos track in November.

Pictures courtesy of Kuzey Kıbrıs Off Road Derneği ve Kyrenia Off Road Derneği

The two clubs mutually decided to organise 3 Rally-Sprint races. They also decided to carry the points of the winners of these races to the Championship races.

Below is the full program schedule for the 2018 Off Road season.

  1. 24th February 2018 Rally-Sprint 1 (KKORD-KYOFF)
  2. 11th March  2018 Alagadi Off Road Race (KKORD)
  3. 5th March 2018 Cyprus Off Road Attack (KYOFF)
  4. 20th May 2018 Zet Off Road Race (KKORD)
  5. 23rd-24th June 2018 24 Saat Off Road Race (KYOFF)
  6. 2nd November 2018 Rally-Sprint 2 (KKORD-KYOFF)
  7. 23rd September 2018 Plümer Off Road Race (KKORD)
  8. 26th-28th October 2018 Afrodisia 2018 (KYOFF)
  9. 18th November 2018 Kombos Off Road Race (KKORD)
  10. 15th December 2018 Rally-Sprint 3 (KKORD-KYOFF)