By Margaret Sheard …

I have thought long and hard about writing this, I am not a great fan of airing my personal affairs in public, especially on Facebook, but Kathy Martin felt the need to publicly put the record straight about her departure from our website.

So I have no alternative but to respond, as the posting by her on Facebook did not convey the true facts and I too have the right to “put the record straight”.

Kathy Martins account of her so-called “nasty” treatment implies an email was sent to her by Chris Elliott.

Kathy Martin’s Facebook posting, as under.

(Following is the email Chris wrote to Kathy, so why is she implying Chris wrote something different)

(So who wrote the email which it is implied Chris wrote, it was ME, I was very upset and also very angry as Kathy well knew, and I felt the need write to Kathy, which was done privately by email.  Why did she give the impression in a Facebook posting that this email had been sent by Chris, which has resulted in a hate campaign being launched against him?

This was the email I received directly from Kathy in reply to mine.

In Kathy’s email reply to me her last statement was – “PS. I have NO intention of telling anyone about this disagreement between us – if anyone asks I will LIE and say I got fed up with doing them”.   So why the change of direction?  Having known Kathy for some time when we always found her to be a very affable character, I am amazed at the action she decided to take.

Even now 2 weeks on, there is a sad and pathetic attempt by a small group of individuals to continue this campaign by encouraging others to cease having contact with us.   As unpleasant as this saga has been for us, we continue to do what we are good at by bringing news of North Cyprus to the world.   Interestingly this campaign has in fact brought more interest to our website and Enewspaper with a resulting increase in material being sent to us for publication.