Art and Culture

Footloose Footcare and Gallery/Art Centre

By Margaret Sheard …

As age progresses I have found it increasingly difficult to get at my toenails to cut them and so for a number of years I have found it necessary to visit a Chiropodist.   

Luckily I found Susannah Birt at Footloose – Footcare in Alsancak and pay her a visit every 5-6 weeks.   Some years ago I wrote about her under the heading “Happy Feet” which at the time was published in a local newspaper.

In the waiting room there are many paintings and artwork and it is nice to browse and admire the work of local talented artists while waiting for treatment.   Currently, as well as some lovely watercolours and oils by different artists, there is a section devoted to the work of Angela Wadsworth who specialises in ink, pencil, watercolour, gouache and acrylic.  To see Angela’s very interesting biography click here

There are many superb artists in North Cyprus and more and more people are finding their possibly hidden talents and developing them by joining with others who have a love of art.   Sadly I don’t have sufficient time to discover if I have a hidden talent for art, but at least I can admire and appreciate the work of others.

So, on this occasion, after looking at all the lovely artwork and having my toenails sorted I leave the Chiropodist “walking on air” (as my Mum used to say!).