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Tribute to Delia Heptonstall for Tulips

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Carole King and Sue Tilt …

In 2016 we lost a very dear friend to cancer – Delia Heptonstall.  A local artist, Maxene Shailer, a very dear friend of Delia, produced a picture in memory of Delia which she donated to Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association who had done so much to help Delia.

Ahmet Sanver and Raziye Kocaismail

Ahmet Sanver owner of Atlex Sanverler Secondary School and Onder AV Supermarket, who is a very big supporter of Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association very generously sponsored this picture and donated 6,000TL for it.  We would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for his generosity.  The presentation of the picture was made on Thursday 8 February to Ahmet Sanver by Raziye Kocaismail, President of the Association.

When asked about the picture Maxene said:

Maxene Shailer

“I painted this picture in memory of a very dear friend, Delia Heptonstall, who we lost to cancer in 2016.  Delia loved her garden.  I think she’d be happy to rest awhile here in the shade of this tree, looking out to sea, surrounded by flowers; nothing more to fear.  The picture is called Fly Free. Without Tulips, Delia’s journey would have been incomparably harder. She’d be thrilled to know that her picture raised money for this wonderful cause.”

Huge thanks to Ahmet Sanver and to Maxene Shailer.  We are all touched by Cancer at some stage in our lives and the help and support of lovely people like these helps us to deal with the difficulties caused by Cancer in people’s lives.

Carole and Sue