North Cyprus : Trevor’s Tips for February 2018

By Trevor Hughes……

Cyprus Border Crossings

The opening times for you to obtain your annual driving permit to cross the Greek border [MOT] are as follows:

Monday to Friday, 07.30 – 14.30 hrs.

Obtaining insurance to allow you to drive legally over the border is from Monday to Sunday, 06.00 – 21.00 hrs.

Learning to Drive in the TRNC

If you need to pass your driving test for a TRNC driving licence, there is a procedure to follow:

  1. Go to the immigration office in Lefkosa for registering your details for a Temporary Residence Permit if you don’t already have a current permit, this is irrespective of your age.
  2. Take with you your Kocan, or rental agreement, two photographs of yourself, your passport, a letter from your Muhtar and the completed application form.
  3. Pay the application fee at the office there.
  4. You must then hand over the documents to the driving school, including the little blue booklet which you will have been given when making your application.
  5. The driving school will then process your application on your behalf and obtain said licence.
  6. Upon receipt, you can then start learning to drive.

Baby Wipes

If you’re using these cleansing wipes, please refrain from the disposal of them down the toilet. The wipes base material is manufactured from plastic and can therefore take up to 500 years to break down.  Especially, if like us your toilet waste empties into a cesspit, which will mean the cesspit will require emptying far more often. It will also help the environment.

British Passport Increases

The cost of an adult and child’s UK passport is to go up by £3.00 in March this year.

Free car hire is the latest facility to be offered to Capital Insurance customers.

If your car won’t start, for whatever reason, or you have a malfunction and you are a policy holder with Capital Insurance, not only will we collect your car and take it to the garage of your choice, we will arrange a hire car for you whilst the car is being repaired, absolutely free of charge. Ask at the Alsancak branch of Capital Bank for more details. Terms and conditions apply.

Long Term Parking at Larnaca Airport

If you wish to take advantage of the long-term car parking facility at Larnaca airport, their facility is much cheaper than leaving your vehicle in the short-term car park.

The other advantage is the car park is not as heavily used and the risk of damage is therefore reduced.

If you apply online, you can get the parking permit for 14 days for example for 55 euros instead of 66 euros when you pay on the day.

We found this facility very simple to use, but when exiting the car park, you will need to push the telephone button on the exit machine and quote the reference number on the top of your paperwork, the exit barrier will then be lifted. The name of the company operating this system is Hermes and you can find them on their website. The car park is right opposite the departure gates at the airport.

UK Driving Licences When Taking Car Hire in the UK.

Most car hire companies operating in the UK are now insisting you submit your driving licence details which must be from the same country that issued your passport.

If you do not have a Turkish passport you will not be permitted to hire a car in the UK on a TRNC licence.

Additional Facility Added to Motorbike Insurance

Capital Insurance are now offering three levels of damage waiver for motor cycles. This is in addition to the third-party insurance only, offered by most other companies.


The company here supplying eyedrops for people who suffer the onset of glaucoma, are not supplying the TRNC at the moment. These are the eyedrops which must be taken daily, by the sufferer. The brand name is Cosopt. I went and visited my eye specialist who wrote a prescription for Azarga which is an alternative product and just as good.

You should seek professional advice before switching drops because the alternative could have a serious adverse effect on your eyes. Azarga is also in short supply and many chemists have little to no stock of either. You cannot get these drops over the counter in the UK, unless you have a doctor’s prescription. Be careful, glaucoma over a period of time will make you go blind, if serious enough!!!!

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays in the month of February


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