December 8, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

With the ultimate goal of improving the standard of badminton in the TRNC, the Turkish Cyprus Badminton Federation organised a training camp for the members of the national badminton team. The 5 day long camp was organised with the cooperation of the Badminton Federation of Turkey.

The training was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Ustun Koksal, the coach of the national badminton team of Turkey. Two high ranking badminton players also attended the camp to provide the local players the opportunity to play against them and to gain experience.

Badminton Training Camp – Picture courtesy of Badminton Federation

In a press statement issued by Mr. Firat Deniz, the President of the Turkish Cyprus Badminton Federation, he said the camp provided a chance to the local players to learn and to improve the standard of their game. He also thanked the local department of Sports, for their cooperation and assistance.

Mr. Ustun Koksal, also thanked the local authorities and the officials of the Federation, for organising such a camp. He expressed his hope that in the future too such camps would be organised to improve the standard of Badminton in TRNC.



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