December 8, 2023

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment carried out an investigation in January resulting in the issue of penalties in respect of pollution of the environment.

Branch Authorities carried out checks in various regions in the context of Environmental Law and penalties were issued, including 1 in Gazimağusa where there was noise pollution ; 1 in Guzelyurt ; 1 in Lefke ; 2 in Gazimağusa under solid waste and environmental pollution ; 1 in Nicosia ; 1 in Lefkoşa within the scope of waste water pollution ; 1 in Nicosia.  In all a total of 15 penalties have been implemented.

Tourism and Environment Minister, Fikri Ataoğlu, said projects are being created and they are working for sustainable environmental awareness.

Minister Ataoğlu reminded that environmental education is included in the education curriculum and he said that an environmental clean-up is carried out in various areas every Thursday with environmental volunteers and local administrations and that these activities will continue to be developed and continued.  He also stated that the number of volunteers who are in charge of transferring the problems they encounter in connection with the protection and development of the country is increasing day by day. “Informed and responsive – the desire of environmental volunteers to participate from all corners of the country satisfies us equally,” he said.

Ataoğlu stated that the inspections will continue and increase. He said that the aim is not to punish but to ensure a good environment for future generations and to protect nature.

This is a natural balance which has been created, and this balance must be protected in order to sustain our life, “We need to stop pollution of the environment. We need to protect the environment so that we can survive”, he said.

The complaints received on the Alo 123 Environment Complaints Line were meticulously evaluated and followed through and this practice will continue.

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