December 8, 2023

It’s so nice to hear of activities for children outside of their normal school time and FebCamp has been organised as a part of the Camp Cyprus project to cater for the school holiday period for 7 to 12 year old children.  

A FebCamp has been arranged for the 7th and 8th February, however, there are schools which take different holidays and so a further additional date has been allocated which will be 14th and 15th February.   Generally the activities will follow the same format but there have been changes as far as venues are concerned.  Following are the programmes which have been supplied to us by Ayşe Öztoprak.

7th and 8th February

Assembly: At all our camps we start with assembly at 9.30am. We go over the camp rules, health procedures and simple first aid that all our campers should know. Every child should have a bag with their extra socks and shoes and personal belongings but no phones. Families can contact us on 0533 882 3672 any day and time during the camp.

Alagadi Beach

Build the Tallest Tower: The children are grouped into two’s and are asked to clean the beach and as they gather their findings they put them in two separate piles. They are then asked to build the tallest tower with their findings to show how we recycle our rubbish and turn them into an art form, before we put them into bags.

Beach Yoga

Zoom: The children are given images of their trip to the Alagadi beach and are asked to put them in order according to when and what they did. This activity needs communication skills and awareness of their previous trip to make it a memory for a lifetime…

Kyrenia Castle

Photo Hunt: The children are given 10 pre-taken pictures of details of Kyrenia Castle. They are separated into two groups with an adult team leader. The children are given the chance to look around the castle to find where the pictures belong in a given period of time. The team leader takes the photos once the children find them!! Photo Hunt!

Escape from the Castle: The children are given a number and they should line up according to their number to exit the castle. The challenge is that the children have to arrange themselves according to their numbers without talking to each other!

Coin Logo: We introduce different types of coins, explaining what the logo on it stands for and what you can buy with it giving them a sense of value. Each child keeps a different type of coin and they are asked to design their own. They are given 2 minutes each as they explain their logo and the value of their currency. This activity takes place in Kyrenia Castle Art Atelier, helping them to imagine how life could be back in time. Also it’s a chance to be patient as they listen to their friends…

Group Games: Outdoor games are planned to summarize the day and what we’ve been through, sharing experiences.  All the effort to make good memories for our children.

7th February ‘18 8th February ‘18
Lunch: Fish and chips at Alagadi beach Lunch: Meatball sandwiches
at Kyrenia Castle
Snack: Pears Snack: Health Cookies
(from Cake and Bread)


14th and 15th February

The activities will generally follow the same format as the first camp except some of the games will have to be changed, and the Beach location will be at DenizKizi Beach and the Castle visit will be to St Hilarion.  It will start and finish at the same time.

For further information about these camps and more forthcoming activities contact Ayşe Öztoprak on 0533 882 3672.

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