December 10, 2023

Foreign Ministry calls EU:  “Our expectation from the European Union is to act in a just manner, more balanced towards the two sides, and within the framework of equality”

In a written statement Foreign Ministry recorded the following:

“We are witnessing a continuation of the unilateral activities in the international arena of the Greek Cypriot administration, under the title of “Republic of Cyprus” which it has usurped since 1963.  The latest example of these activities is the preliminary approval of the European Union (EU) to contribute 101 million Euros towards infrastructure works for a project to import liquefied natural gas for electricity production to Southern Cyprus via Greece and other EU countries. We have learned that this project was incepted within the framework of the “Connecting Europe Facility”.

Since the inception of the project, which once again ignores the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot side on the Island, our views regarding this issue were conveyed to the relevant parties and we expressed that we must also be involved in all matters which concern the whole of the Island. However, rather than playing a conciliatory role, the EU is continuing to aid the Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral fait accompli, on this issue as well as all others. This biased and unjust stance of the EU has been serving only to deepen the divide on the Island.

On the other hand, although the UN Secretary General has repeatedly mentioned in his reports on Cyprus that the natural resources around the Island should serve the interests of both sides and that unilateral actions only serve to raise tensions in the region, the Greek Cypriot side continues to sign bilateral and unilateral agreements and carry out hydrocarbon research activities. It should be well known that the Turkish Cypriot side is decisively taking all the necessary precautions, along with Motherland Turkey, with a view to safeguarding its own rights and interests. We would like to take this opportunity to remind that the most practical and cost-efficient way to deliver natural resources to Europe is from Northern Cyprus via Turkey.

We would like to emphasize, once again, our expectation from the European Union to act in a just manner, more balanced towards the two sides, and within the framework of equality. We would also like to reiterate our hope that the EU will take into account the realities and political sensitivities on the Island when taking decisions regarding Cyprus.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

2 thoughts on “TRNC Foreign Ministry calls on EU to act in a just manner

  1. Sadly comments like this will only lead to the continued self isolation of the residents in the North. The EU and all but Turkey recognise the North as a part of the ROC so naturally the decision making process will take place in the ROC without the consultation of the self exiled residents of the North.

    While the inhabitants of the North keep on referring to Turkey as the mother land there can never be any change to the current situation. They need to make up their mind as to whether they want to be a part of the ROC or Turkey. They cannot have both. It is one or the other.

    1. Absolutely correct Mike. Even members of the House of Lords who support the cause state that the government in the North simply MUST push on at the UN BUT to stand any chance they must do it under the title of North Cyprus only.

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