February 4, 2023

The Iskele Archeology Museum is nearing the stage of completion. The museum, which is expected to be in service within two months, will be the first museum to be opened in the Karpaz region.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu stated that his goals are to bring facilities to the country and modern museums about modern museology and to open new museums throughout the TRNC.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoglu visited the Archaeological Museum in Iskele and gave the good news: “The project will soon be completed by the Archeology Museum”.

Construction studies continue at the Iskele Archeology Museum within the framework of the protocol signed last December between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Iskele Municipality

Minister Ataoglu, who was present at the new museum complex where historical artefacts were placed in the exhibition places, received information from the authorities.

It was noted that the Archeology Museum, which will be the first museum to be opened in the Karpaz region, is a very important cultural service.  Many works will be displayed from the Neolithıc period to Roman period. and the exhibits will be shown in a way that can live today.

Ataoğlu stated that they are aware of the lack of museums in the country, and the work of introducing more museums is a priority – “The museums are the most important elements that tell the history of the country”.

Fikri Ataoglu said:  “The functions, management system, technology, marketing and promotion techniques of the museum have changed all over the world. In this evolving and changing museology world, a visitor oriented approach has been made. We should also evaluate our museums, and our historical sites as educational environments and we will have protocols with our Ministry of Education in this frame.

Each museum, as well as being an historical account, is an educational environment. For this reason, our students, our young people and teachers and, of course, our tourists are the most important target groups for our Museums “

Ataoğlu, who stated that the valuable work of many civilizations in the country are held in the repositories, reminded that they started to work with “a museum in every province”, in this context, and they had renewed Güzelyurt Archeology and Nature Museum.

Ataoğlu also stated that they did not use the historic train station in Güzelyurt effectively for the purpose of their studies and that they have the history which will now be shared.  “The restoration work of Güzelyurt Train Station is continuing at a fast pace, and will find life “.

Ataoğlu also underlined that they have completed their work for the Lefke Museum and that this is going to be publicised. “Whatever the model of government to be formed, these projects will come to life. We are proud to see that the promises we made have come to life.”

“We have the responsibility to discover, protect and transfer these unique cultural riches inherited from our past to the next generations,” said Ataoğlu, who thanked everyone who contributed to the work.

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