December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott…….

As members of The Foreign Residents Society in the TRNC, we receive regular newsletters from TFR and we were delighted to read in the latest newsletter by their secretary, Ralph Kratzer, that he had written a nice introduction to members about our Enewspaper.

Clearly Ralph has studied carefully the newspapers and explained the benefits of our Enewspaper as compared with traditional newspapers and I would like to add that on our website we have a menu link that also provides links to issue 1 and will continue to provide links to other newspapers for up to 2 years. That means all the hard work of our contributors can be read for a long time to come whereas, at best, their news and reviews in a conventional newspaper may end up being recycled within days of printing.

“Good morning, members of TFR!

Printed newspapers become more and more expensive over here in North Cyprus!

A modern alternative are the so called “e-newspapers”, which means they mostly look like an ordinary newspaper but you read them via Internet on your computer/tablet/smartphone.

Our members Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard have recently created the e-newspaper which provides you with the latest news about our adopted homeland Cyprus. And the best news is, this e-newspaper is FREE OF COST! Once you become familiar with its handling you read this modern media just as easy as a printed version. Another advantage is that when you download an issue of this e-newspaper to your device, you can always read it again and do not have to store piles of paper at home.

Below is the link for the 7th issue of the e-newspaper which has already got an amazing number of readers since the first edition a few weeks ago. You will also find articles of our TFR-members Pamela Tschersich, Richard “Brad” Bradley, Horst Gutowski and Ralph Kratzer. Enjoy reading!”.

Editors note:

The TFR have 400 members from 30 countries and have a website and Facebook page that give lots of information about them and their activities and if readers require any further information they can email Ralph Kratzer on                         .


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