September 27, 2022

By Peri Sualp…….

Christmas, often mixed up with New Year, is actually the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday by the Christians on 25th of December. Then after only 6 days the year finishes on 31st of December and the whole world celebrates the coming of the New Year.

Both events are the biggest celebrations around the world in one year. It surely is the most attractive time of the year. Preparations start from November or even in October in some countries. Most of the places are decorated with glittering lights and related decorations. Most important decorations are Santa Claus and his deer, pine trees and ornaments that can be placed on them, huge fancy socks, snowmen, nutcracker etc. All are shiny and glittery and with twinkling lights. Who cannot be attracted to all these dazzling and shimmering decorations distributed all around the place!

Beside these attractive pictures of decorations, the variety of food and drinks change to better looking shape and most delicious form. Presentations of luscious food on nicely decorated tables are a feast for the eyes as well. Besides, Christmas cakes and New Year cookies and an unaccountable variety of candies and chocolates are certainly to die for!

Another tradition is to give presents to each other. It’s always good to be remembered and get a nicely packed gift and it’s important to remember our family and friends around us. Some people are prepared well before but most of the people go shopping on the last days of the year. I think that’s another fun time because there’s a sweet rush around.

During this holiday season, everyone is more tolerant and patient with each other than normal times. Everyone is relaxed and smiling. There’s joy and happiness spread all around… As if everything is perfect in the world!

I wish every day was celebrated like Christmas and New Year… I wish everyone was lucky enough to welcome this glamorous holiday season with presents and delicious food and drinks and joy. I wish everyone has enough money, enough health, enough family and most important, enough peace to welcome the coming New Year.

Sharing and helping those in need are two of the most important values of being a human no matter what religion you have or what country you are living in. After all, both values should be the main spirit of the season. We should always be thankful for what we have and try to be a helping hand to others and to our surroundings (not forgetting the nature and animals).

Remember, every New Year is the beginning of everything new. We should never give up our hopes for a better world and wish for the best.

Happy New Year to you all.

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