September 27, 2022

Girne Municipality organised a public event in Karaoğlanoğlu prior to the New Year.

The New Year event was held at Karaoğlanoğlu Park. In addition to Mayor Nidai Güngördü and members of Parliament, Karaoğlanoğlu Muhtar –  Hüdaverdi Tutku, Karaman Neighbourhood Muhtar –  Saadet Cibo and citizens participated in the event. There were souvenirs and catering stands and The Healers music group gave a concert.

Güngördü: We were happy to organise the third event in Karaoğlanoğlu

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü expressed his happiness in arranging the third of the New Year’s events in Karaoğlanoğlu in 43 years. He stated that they are planning to say goodbye to the year 2017 and that they will be organising various events in the city in the New Year and he wished the citizens to be happy and that the new year will bring peace to people and the world.

Karaoğlanoğlu Muhtar, Hüdaverdi Tutku, remarked that the most investment in Karaoğlanoğlu had been made in the period of Nidai Güngördü in 43 years and he thanked Güngördü personally and on behalf of the village people for the investments made.

Saadet Cibo, Karaman Neighbourhood Muhtar, thanked the Municipality of Girne for organising the event and hoped that the New Year will bring health and happiness to all.

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