December 9, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Just yesterday as I was talking with my children, I once again realised that they live in a world different from my world.

They live in a world of modern technology, whereas I still live in the 60s and 70s. To put it differently, I am trying to chase the world, but fail to coup the speed as I prefer to be stuck to my school and college days.

I remember, in school we were asked to write a short essay about a post office. For that the teacher told us about how a post office operates. I wonder if our children today know how a post office works. I am sure the very new generation has not even seen a postman for years. The most popular song of our times, “Wait a minute, Mr. Postman”, by The Carpenters, in fact does not mean anything for the new generation, because they do not know how one feels receiving a letter from a postman.  That unique mixture of feelings that the old generation used to experience, when getting a letter from the postman and opening it. The feeling that we used to experience by first quickly going through the lines, till the end, and then reading it again, thinking we might have missed reading something and so reading it again and again. These unique feelings unfortunately, the new generation does not know, they have never experienced it.

My generation remembers the post boxes. Those red boxes used to be erected here and there, with a small opening near the top. As a young boy I used to try to insert my hand inside, just to feel a different sensation. I used to wait for the postman who came twice a day to collect the letters from these boxes. He used to have a special brown canvas bag to carry the letters.  As a young schoolboy, I was always interested to be sure that he had taken all of the letters.

Does today’s generation know there are still letter boxes and people do still use them?  There are maybe not so many now but they can be seen in Girne here and there and I have seen a yellow painted letter box in Yenişeher.  I understand the Girne letter boxes are also painted yellow.

The new generation send emails instead of letters now and the post boxes are becoming a symbol of the good old days of a postal service with a postman opening the boxes and collecting the letters from them.

I would like to think that these objects of past times will remain and would quote the words of John Keats “A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness”.

You might like to look at The Carpenters video of Please Mr Postman below

3 thoughts on “To Mail or Email? : That is the question

  1. It is sad the world is slowly losing touch with the real world. Today our lives are and will be controlled by technology. The Postman used to be our first morning call. Unfortunately nowadays and in the future. The only communication we’ll have with the Human race will be through virtual realty.

  2. Ahmet Abdulaziz, love your article I am an ex- veteran from the Uk, recently written the words to my first song (c) We did it all for you, its a generational song? Being put to music in the New Year, as those who went before us, said we did all for you, and like wise it is us saying we did it all for you, you too will do it all for the next generation as they will do it all for you, it points out the generational changes as each generations move forward, as you have pointed out in your well written article, I too struggle with son who lives in the techno idiom. Congratulation to you on a shared experiences. Bob Scott. PS, Wording not necessary in order of the song, but you get the idea.

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