December 8, 2023

By Chris Elliott…….

As members of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) we were delighted to read a great travel report of their recent Christmas trip to Germany and also the great pictures many members posted on their TFR Facebook page so as it’s the season of good cheer we are sharing this with the cyprusscene worldwide readers.

TFR mail
Pamela Tschersich

“The idea for a Christmas market holiday stemmed from a visit to the Bavarian Restaurant early this year.  A table of members called me over to say how great it would be to visit a Xmas market with the TFR ……. So the seed was sown, the idea was run past our two German committee members Ralph Kratzer and Horst, who with their background and knowledge of Germany were the ones to consult and ask where the best market was….Nuremberg was the answer without a doubt, so the plans were then started to formulate a trip to include the shopping, the Grögg, various cuisines plus a little culture.

Thank you Horst for making so many phone calls on our behalf, arranging and changing bookings when emergencies arose !!

We started our adventure from Munich airport, travelling by luxury coach, eating Stollen and drinking wine, it was Lothar’s birthday and how better to start the adventure than to wish him good health!!! We travelled in a snow blizzard but was driven by a diligent driver who deposited us at our first hotel safely, waited for us to put our cases in our rooms and then transport us to the magical city of Nuremberg for a browse around The biggest Christmas market without a doubt, it was breathtaking, with the many restaurant and bars all in Christmas theme and typical German dress to pour our drinks and get us in the mood for a great few days. The next day we arrived back in the city and enjoyed a guided tour, only losing one person…..our one and only Fuehrer!!!!! Luckily I had my phone in my hand taking photos when Horst phoned, he was lost, the group were in hysterics as usually we have had to look for a couple of others with Lothar coming in 2nd and Lynda a close 3rd, but under our guide’s instructions, our Fuehrer made his way back to us with a great cheer on his arrival!!!

We returned back to our hotel, picked up our cases and we were driven South to the medieval city of Dinkelbühl. What a super hotel, a group of us explored the town before dinner, it was like walking into a winter wonderland, we located the Christmas market, tried out the grögg then made our way back to enjoy a very good dinner with our companions who were in very good spirits, with our very own Lynda Harris entertaining us with her impersonation of Marlene Dietrich singing one of her famous songs, we laughed ’til our sides ached, thank you Lynda for the great memory, best of all you the next morning who was aghast on account that you remembered nothing…..  but we had the photos to prove it!!!!!

This beautiful medieval town was shown to us through the eyes of a very proud lady who related the history around the inner wall of the town with knowledge and humour, enjoyed immensely by all. Coffee, shops plus market time saw the rest of the day away and we finished again with a beautiful meal of goose, red cabbage plus dessert, afterwards we were entertained by a group of local small children who sang to us, so lovely, the ladies had a good blub, ahhhhh.

Our coach took us safely back to Munich where we waved Auf Wiedersehen to Horst and Monika, plus Dawn, John and Lynda, they went on from there to start their Christmas vacations.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for being such great travelling companions, all helping and looking out for each other ……this is what makes the TFR such a great organisation to belong to.  Roll on the next adventure!!!!

Pictures courtesy of Pamela Tschersich and Robert Beavis

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