Control your Stress and have a Better Life

By Ahmet Abdullaziz…….

STRESS has been referred to as one of  the most dangerous unseen factors which endangers human health very seriously. Stress not only affects the health of the person concerned, but also affects his/her social behaviour. This is where stress becomes  a social problem.

In the present times, keeping stress under control becomes necessary, not just in day to day personal lives but also at work places.

What is stress and how  to keep stress under control? This is the topic that the  TRNC Human Resources Management Association selected in their first lecture session , conducted on 25th November 2017. It was the first of their series of lectures covering various aspects of human behavior and to improve working standards at work places.

During this session Sherif Tuncel, explained to the participants about various tools and measures adopted in recognising, measuring and keeping stress under control, both in personal, family, social and working lives of people. Everyone of us comes under stress, during different times and phases of our daily lives. Thus keeping stress under control is not only important for the persons concerned, but also for those who manage and guide the people.

The Association plans to organise another lecture on 9th December, 2017, as part of their overall series of lectures of the winter season.