Girne Olive Festival : Tennis and Billiards Tournaments awards

Awards were given for the “Olive” Tennis and Billiards Tournaments at the Olive Festival which was organised this year by the Girne Municipality.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü participated in the award ceremony, together with some Members of Parliament, the winners and their families.  Artists who had exhibitions at the Olive Festival also received awards. At the award ceremony, trophies, cash prizes and various gifts were presented.

The Presidents and Managers of Baragadi Bar and Little Pub who hosted the Billiards Tournament and the Girne Municipality Tennis Club who organised the “Olive” Tennis Tournament were thanked for their contribution.

Prize winners:

“Olive” Tennis Tournament 

12-year-old female :        1st – Hansel Stik, 2nd –  Sevim Akbaş,

12-year old male :               1st – Emre Dilaver, 2nd – Doruk Varoglu

14-year old female:        1st – Meril Sonak , 2nd – Azra Yalkic

14-year old male:            1st – Avni Avnioğlu, 2nd – Abraham Agun

16-year old female :     1st – Nergiz Menemenci, 2nd – Izlem Civisilli

16-year old male :         1st – Avni Avnioğlu, 2nd –  Akan Can,

18-year old female :      1st – Şengül Fox, 2nd – Izlem Civisilli

18-year old male :        1st –  Şevki Öksüzoğluları, 2nd – Mustafa Zorba


Billiards Tournament

Onç Altur                  1st

Natheer Halob          2nd

Arkın Daher              3rd

Cemal Okur, Umut Balkaya, Ali Erol Soytaç and Selen Selışık, who opened the exhibition, presented various gifts.