By Kathy Martin…

When this poster popped up on my Facebook page it really struck a chord.

Decided to share it with Cyprusscene readers, who would not have had the chance to see it’s important message.

The message it gives “A dog is for life…not just for Christmas” is an old, familiar message BUT one that may get forgotten in the excitement of giving one’s family a new “Christmas” pet.

This new dog (or cat) is going to be with you for anything up to a possible 10-15 years. Consider EVERYTHING about this new “sentient” being you are bringing into your life – personally I know that living in a one bedroom flat, with no easy access to a garden, for me, to have a dog would be CRUEL to the animal.

If you decide that you can commit to a new dog or cat, PLEASE consider re-homing a stray from one of the local charities Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) or Hope4Pets. They are constantly in need of finding homes for the innumerable dogs/puppies and cats/kittens in their care.

As the last part says so emphatically “THINK AHEAD“!