February 5, 2023

Readers Mail
from Kim Betts…

It is not just Scouts who should Be Prepared

Nobody like to think of their own demise but there have been some very sad tales over the last few months – about pets needing homes after their owner has sadly died.

But what can owners do ??????

Be prepared …

Ask now whether any of your family or friends would be willing to take your pets into their own homes. Hopefully one of them will.

Leave a letter with a trusted friend or Executors (and also leave a copy with KAR if you want them to help after your death) explaining who your pets are going to and that you want their move to happen as quickly as possible following your death (your pet cannot wait for probate, unless someone is already available to look after them during the whole probate period)

If your family member/friend is not in the TRNC….

Be prepared to get your pet travel ready (with all of the right vaccinations for the respective Countries entry requirements) .

Be prepared to keep the necessary vaccinations up to date – hopefully it will be a long and considerable time before they will need to be re homed!

Be prepared to set aside money to cover their travel, and any boarding if needed, fees – this needs to be made available at short notice and your Executor should know where this money is being held.

While none of this will guarantee an “afterwards home” it may help your pet be able to move on without too long a delay.

KAR can help you and your pet to Be Prepared

Kyrenia Animal Rescue rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of Northern
Adopt, Volunteer, Feed, Sponsor, Donate, Love – our animals want all of these but would be happy with just
one of them

Website http://www.kartrnc.org

Tel 009 0533 8694098

Bank Details: HSBC UK: 40-21-02
Account Number 11364812

IBAN No:GB94HBUK 402102 11364812


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