Sports Quiz No 3 : 5 Teasers and a Stinker !

By Richard Beale…………….

Question 1 : Now a major film the “Battle of the Sexes”, who were involved in the  1973 tennis match?

Question 2 : How long in playing time is a Rugby League and Rugby Union match?

Question 3 : When Gary Sobers hit 6 sixes in an over against Glamorgan in 1968, who was the unfortunate bowler?

Question 4 : Bobby Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest player in which game?

Question 5 : Name 4 teams out of the 92 in England who start with the same letter that they end with?    



What is the only team out of the 92 League clubs, where you can’t colour in any letters? ie. you can “colour” in a letter D.

Answer to last weeks “Stinker

There are 8 English cities that potentially can hold “Derby matches” :

BIRMINGHAM (Aston Villa/Birmingham) BRISTOL(City/ Rovers), LIVERPOOL (Everton/Liverpool), LONDON (Popular one Arsenal/Tottenham}, MANCHESTER (City/ United), NOTTINGHAM (County/Forest}, SHEFFIELD (United/ Wednesday) and the hard one STOKE (Stoke/ Port Vale Burslem where Port Vale play being part of Stoke}

Answers to Sport Quiz Teasers No 3 above.

1/ Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

2/ 80 minutes.

3/ Malcolm Nash.

4/ Chess

5/ Liverpool, Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Northampton Town.