October 1, 2022

By Margaret Sheard ….

The Cyprus weather was good to us for the 12th November Remembrance Service at the Old British Cemetery in Kyrenia.  The sun shone down on residents and visitors attending, together with the veterans who had made the long journey to pay their respects to their fallen comrades during the Cyprus Emergency 1955 -59.

We understand that this year there were about 27 veterans who had travelled from the UK to be present at the Remembrance Sunday event.

The RBL Chaplain, Revd. Wendy Hough conducted the service and at 11am UK time and 1pm Cyprus time, the chimes of Big Ben rang out via a recording.   The Exhortation was given by Brian Worthy, late Royal Horse Guards, followed by The Last Post, The Silence and the Reveille and then The Kohima Epitaph, again by Brian Worthy.

There then followed the wreath laying at the Memorial by representatives of the various Regiments and of the British Police who also lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency.

There is always a large gathering of people for Remembrance Sunday and as normal part of the road outside the Cemetery was closed for the duration of the service.  It is so nice to see that as well as the veterans who make the journey from the UK, there were many local people who came to pay their respects.

After the service people made their way to The Ship Inn, Karaoğlanoğlu for a 3-course lunch, which is a nice time to be able to meet up with some of the veterans we have got to know during the past few years and then join in with the sing-along when some of the old wartime favourites are enjoyed.

Some of the veterans and others will be joining the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch on Monday 13th November for a visit to Wayne’s Keep Cemetery, in the Buffer Zone.




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  1. Congratulations to one and all that attended British Cyprus Memorial, an excellent turn out from the UK. Well done to all and the write up by Margaret Sheard well done Margaret. Bob Scott ex R.Berks. 1956-59.

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