The GOYCHAY Pomegranate Festival

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The GOYCHAY region, in the central part of Azerbaijan, celebrated the Pomegranate festival, last week.

The occasion was full of colours and festivities, cultural and social activities. It was organised in the heart of the city, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Goychay District Executive Authority.

Pomegranates have been grown in different regions of the country. However those produced in Shirvan have been considered of the topmost quality. Goychay (the area of the festival) has been considered as synonym for “true Azerbaijan pomegranates”.  In fact the most suitable climatic conditions and the soil has led to the production of the best pomegranates in the region.

The festival which has been organised on a yearly basis, has become a permanent day of festivities in the calendar of Azerbaijan festivities. It was organised for the first time on 3rd November  2006.

This year’s festival not only brought to light the qualitative aspects of pomegranates of the area, of varying types, but also brought to light the bi-products made from its juice. It also became a scene of display of local cultural dances and other social activities. It was also attended by foreign dignitaries and local officials .