6th Doğanköy Hawthorn Festival commenced

The 6th Doganköy Hawthorn Festival, traditionally organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Girne and Doganköy Muhtarlığı, started with opening speeches at the village square today (4th November 2017).  

The two-day festival will sell hawthorn, hawthorn products and handicrafts and stands will be open between 12.00-18.30. There will be music and concerts at the festival and  dance shows will also take place.

Speaking at the opening of the festival, Doğanköy Muhtarı, Niyazi Bedel, selected the pilot region of Doğanköy as part of the Keep Cyprus Clean Project and thanked the Presidential Office for promoting awareness of the environment with flowers in the Doganköy Children’s Park. Niyazi Bedel said he wished to spread the work of environmental awareness to all areas.

Güngördü:  We must be sensitive to the environment

Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü, spoke of the importance of the Doganköy Hawthorn Festival, which was launched 6 years ago to raise awareness about the Hawthorn and promote it. Nidai Güngördü emphasized that it is necessary to protect all trees, especially Hawthorn trees, and to encourage all citizens to respect nature, the environment and animals. Güngördü mentioned that 4 Municipalities in the Girne Region had previously cleaned roads under the responsibility of the Highways Department within the scope of the Keep Cyprus Clean campaign organized by the Presidency. Güngördü stated that the Doganköy Children’s Park was blossoming with the contributions of the Presidency and gave thanks for the contribution of labour.  Güngörgörü, who invited everyone to be sensitive about cleanliness and environmental awareness, said “The love of the tree and the animal is from the heart but we must do more.”

An awareness activity was held

The Keep Cyprus Clean Project, with planting of flowers was carried out at Doğanköy Children’s Park and an awareness study was carried out by the Drama Association, which was attended by Meral Akıncı, wife of President Mustafa Akıncı, in order to increase environmental awareness. The garbage collected from the park and the surrounding area – glass, plastics and paper were separated into garbage cans.

Festival program

On Sunday at 13.00pm, the Festival will start with a music concert and other activities, the Çatalköy Municipality Folk Dances Group folk dance show will be at 13.30pm, DJ Kuzey Tarık and dance group show at 14.00pm, The Healers concert at 15:00pm and the Niyal Öztürk concert will take place at 16.45pm.