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Kyrenia Animal Rescue’s (KAR’s) response to the increase in Vet costs

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From Kyrenia Animal Rescue…

Following our announcement about the rise in Veterinary costs to KAR for neutering cats and dogs and subsequent responses and articles in the media. We feel that we should respond to certain points.

The figures (in percentage terms) that we recently gave in respect to the increases were correct – they are rises against the new costs, as notified to KAR and took into consideration what we had previously been paying.

The rise in the costs to the general public was announced in January, but not applied until April.

The rise for the neutering and treatment of street animals was not applied until mid October. All prices are controlled by the Veterinary Association and not individual Vets.

We are very grateful to all the Vets that we work with for all the help that they give to us as they always try to keep costs to the minimum. Particularly thanks to Niyazi (Petline), Pertev (Hospital Vet Clinic), Funda (All Pets), Altay(Vetpoint) and Fuat (Garfield).

We have been having discussions with many interested parties and have managed to secure a promise of a larger discount. This will result in a much lower percentage increase than we had initially been informed about. We are also having talks with the Veterinary Association regarding further reductions.

We are committed and will continue to protest loudly at every price rise and costs for neutering dogs and cats, both owned animals and street animals, as it is our belief and policy that neutering is the only way to reduce the numbers of unwanted and abandoned animals on the streets of the TRNC.

Neutering, we believe, if not free, should be at a price affordable by all.

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