Contributing to a new local newspaper : Cyprus Scene

By Margaret Sheard …..

In reply to the article written by Sami Uğur about the new local newspaper “Cyprus Scene” which he is publishing from his Cypro Art Graph business, I would like to add some words of my own.

Sami liked the name of our website and so decided to call the new newspaper by the same name which we were very pleased about.   After some long discussions, Chris and I felt it would be nice to contribute to the newspaper, having both had experience of contributing feature stories and articles to the Cyprus Observer and Chris also to Cyprus Star.

This was before we created our website, and it was all very new to me, but I so enjoyed writing that the amount we were doing escalated dramatically to the point we were giving these newspapers a huge amount of local news every week.

This was a hobby which became more and more time consuming and eventually we decided to change course and start a website, and so was born.  This was 5 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength with a worldwide readership of over 10,000 views per week.

Both the Cyprus Observer and Cyprus Star are no longer with us and when Sami told us he would like to start a new local community newspaper, we immediately offered to contribute as much as we could to the new newspaper.  It has been quite a hard learning curve but we feel we can help Sami to make a success of his new venture and are pleased to be associated with a newspaper again.   A hobby, yes, and time consuming, yes, but it does keep the brain ticking over nicely and what would we be doing if we weren’t sharing our expertise with someone else.

Since the first issue of the Cyprus Scene newspaper it progressed to the second issue and the third will be at local supermarkets on Saturday 4th November, and we are delighted that many people have told us they like the newspaper.  This has resulted in a dramatic increase in news and features being sent to us for both our website and for contribution to the newspaper.

For those people who are unsure of where the newspaper can be found, please visit Bakkal, Blue Song, Erdener, Lemar, Şah Marketplace, Starling, Supreme, Tempo and many other large supermarket outlets.

We have always had a desire to try and promote North Cyprus as much as we can, it is our home, it does exist, despite not being recognised, and we will continue through Sami and his newspaper and our website, to do just that.

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    • From North Cyprus to you in Australia Sermen, thank you for those kind words of support.

  1. Bought the first issue at the Hosbes supermarket, Lapta, when we were on holiday & enjoyed reading it. Well done Margaret & Chris! Keep up the good work (& lovely to meet you both, too)

    • Glad you liked it Carrie. We will be continuing to contribute articles to the new Cyprus Scene newspaper and hope it does well.