Animal care

Once again – Urgent appeal to all animal lovers in TRNC

Readers Mail…


Our rescue centre really is in URGENT need of physical HELP.

Due to sudden staff/volunteer shortages we are so reduced on some days that we simply do not know how we are going to cope – this situation now is so very serious.

PLEASE, PLEASE, if you can spare even just a few hours PLEASE, PLEASE, come and help.

Apart from the usual animal care routines, we need anyone who can wash up, cook dog food, do household duties, help with the cats and kittens, go with the KAR van to collect food – ANYTHING as long as you can HELP.

Without your help, we cannot help the animals in our care.

How many Animal Lovers are out there, right now, reading this?  – even if you each could give just one morning of your time it would make such an enormous difference at this really difficult time.

Even just a few hours really would help – PLEASE.

For more information please contact Elaine urgently on 0533 863 1950 or call our office on 0533 869 4098 or email us at