Etel Winery : First harvest celebration

Etel Winery celebrated the end of their first Harvest with a colourful event on Saturday 14th October.  Wine lovers from across the TRNC and elsewhere joined Etel Winery in Ilgaz, Girne to celebrate their first harvest.  

In the peaceful surroundings of the vineyards guests socialised whilst enjoying Etel’s selection of wines.

During the event, Fikri Karayel, one of the successful artists of the TRNC, gave a special jazz performance with his own interpretation of songs and a good time was had by wine lovers until sunset.

With 40 donums of vineyards, Etel Winery, located in Ilgaz, Girne, has started the production of its first distinguished wines.

Etel Winery, which has the capacity to produce up to 100,000 bottles per year, is part of Gillham Vineyard Hotel and Gillham’s Wine Culture, which is due for completion in Spring 2018, when it will become a tourism centre that will truly reflect the culture of wine.