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KAR (Kyrenia Animal Rescue) gets the SNIP

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From Kim Betts…

Whilst at the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (ICWAC (more info in a later article) KAR representatives and a representative of Girne Beledeyesi Naile Soyel were presented with a selection of equipment to help them with their programmes of community neuter and return.

These included a selection of traps (manual and automatic), cat baskets (crush and non crush), trap covers, separators and other equipment.

KAR and Girne Beledeyesi had applied in advance, of the conference, to be considered for donations, which if successful would be distributed during the conference. However, other individuals and groups, also, applied on the day whilst attending the conference and were very pleased with their donated items.

SNIP International is a UK registered charity dedicated to improving standards of animal welfare around the world. In particular, SNIP International promotes neutering programmes aimed at stray and feral animals. It respects life and does not endorse destruction of healthy animals.

Over the last twenty years they have donated over 1,350 items of specialist/trapping, catching, and holding equipment to animal welfare groups working in 75 countries.

They are also supporting training programmes for vets and helpers. The emphasis is mainly on stray and feral cats, but they are also doing some work with dogs.

The conference organizers and SNIP (amongst others) were very disappointed that despite the many individuals and groups, from the TRNC, who were contacted directly by KAR – on behalf of Dogs Trust (the ICAWC organizers) – with information about the conference and the registration procedure and links – that there were very few delegates from TRNC – only KAR and Girne Beledeyesi attended.

If more had attended they too may have been lucky enough to have also received such valuable and much needed equipment.

They may also have taken away, from ICWAC, much needed information, ideas, solutions and important contacts that could be used in the future for the benefit of the stray animals in TRNC.

But it is not every day that any of us get something for nothing – and these donations will certainly help KAR in their ongoing campaign to neuter and release as many cats as possible.

Thank you Dogs Trust, ICAWC and SNIP

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  1. Really disappointing that so few TRNC people attended, particularly NO vets. Surely they don’t know all there is to know?