North Cyprus Cricket: The ‘Gentlemen’ battle for stardom again!

The biggest TRNC Creditwest, Autumn, Cricket League is starting on the 1st of October 2017.  Eight teams will be  participating including some of the famous cricket clubs from the past such as The Gentlemen of Girne who were four times TRNC Champions and twice all Cyprus Champions.

The Eastern Mediterranean University who were the spring 2016 TRNC champions.  The Ozankoy Cricket Club who were the spring 2017 TRNC champions. Playing also will be the Near East University one of the best teams still fighting to get a title plus the Middle East Technical University which is one of the tough teams that twice came very close to semi final placing.

The Lefkosa Rising Stars and Lapta Eleven Cricket Clubs have both played semi final matches once and The Lefkosa Stars, which is a new team, that is participating for the 1st time in the Creditwest Autumn 2017 Cricket League.

The league is divided into two Groups and Group A teams are:

  1. The Gentlemen of Girne
  2. Near East University,
  3. Lefkosa Rising Stars
  4. Eastern Mediterranean University

The Group B teams are:

  1. Ozankoy Cricket Team,
  2. Middle East Technical University
  3. Lapta Eleven,
  4. Lefkosa Stars Cricket Club

The TRNC Creditwest Autumn 2017 Cricket League consists of three rounds.

In the first round, all teams in group A will play every other team in their group and teams in group B, will play every other team in their group.

In the second round, there will be four quarter finals between eight teams and the best four teams will qualify for the next round.

In the third round the best four teams will play two semi finals matches and the two top teams will qualify for the final round of the league.

The fourth and final round of the Creditwest, Autumn 2017, Cricket League will be played between the top two teams of the league to establish the  champion team of the 2017 Autumn Creditwest Cricket League.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Cricket Association wishes all the very best to all the teams and furthermore the Creditwest 2017 Autumn Super Six matches will be organized during December and for the first time ever, the  TRNC National team will announce that it will play against a touring team from England in March 2018.

Forthcoming matches at the Bellapais cricket ground

Next Sunday the 1st of October at 09:00am, The Near East University and The Gentlemen of Girne will be playing and at 13:00pm, The Ozankoy Cricket Club will play The Lefkosa Stars Cricket Club.

For more information go to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Cricket Club Facebook page click here or Contact the Chairman of TRNC Cricket Association, Danish Afridi

Telephone: 0548 890 4835 or email danisheen2001@yahoo.com

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