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Tulips/HTWCA announce the results of their first “Lets Dance” event

Readers Mail
From Sue Tilt and Carole King


Our very first “Lets Dance” event proved to be an enormous success with tickets selling out in the first week of advertising, with requests for tickets right up to the event itself!

The evening of 23rd September 2017 saw 104 people arrive at Ezic Premier to participate in the first ever dance event of this kind in the TRNC.

After a short demonstration of ballroom dancing, the audience got involved in the Icelandic polka, modern jive, line dancing, rock and roll, to name but a few, and this was followed by a disco by DJ Mike Schofield.

We have a few thank yous we would like to make and would like to start with Carol and Terry Richards, as they approached Tulips with such a fantastic idea and as stated above the first in this country.

We would also like to thank Ray Wheeler and Suzanne Blake, who were our ballroom and fun dancing teachers for the evening; Bridget Tuxworth for all the background help and advice she gave Tulips in putting this event together and to her team of dancers for getting so actively involved; the Friends Line Dancers for their support and participation and to Mike and Pam Schofield for their contribution to the evening.

Also thanks to our sponsors who provided some of our excellent prizes, Turk Sigorta (Turk Bank), Veni Vici, Red Lion, The Stone Cavern and to Ezic Premier for the use of their room and for the special deal they gave us on the price of our meals enabling us to raise even more money!

Finally, our thanks go to everyone who attended and took part and bought raffle tickets, without your support an event such as this would not be successful and we would not be able to help as many cancer patients as we do.

We raised a fabulous sum of 3,260TL!

Enver Bey, the manager of Ezic Premier, receiving a plaque from Seda Avcan from Tulips/HTWCA

Sue and Carole