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Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services 112 : Update

Introduction by Margaret Sheard ….

Many people are aware of the great work Mike and Brenda Plant do as Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services (112) and will have attended some of their brilliant events such as the annual 112 Ball, Christmas Sing-along, Themed events, Afternoon Tea Talk etc. which are always popular and well attended.

Over the years the level of ‘help’ has diminished and although Mike and Brenda soldier on and do a great job of organising events, they could do with some help and Mike has made an appeal to see if there are some willing volunteers who will join them to ease the burden a little with their fundraising events.

You can usually find Mike and Brenda chatting with friends at Le Chateau Lambousa on Saturday mornings, or Tel: 0533 840 7834 or email

Following is Mike’s update letter:

By Mike Plant ……

My reason for writing to you is two-fold.  Firstly, as many of you are aware the Rocks Hotel, the normal venue for our annual 112 Ball, is having a major refit and, unfortunately, whilst we have been in discussion with the hotel regarding a possible ball in November in their temporary ballroom marquee, it was agreed that it would be difficult for The Rocks to give their normal excellent standard of service due to various logistical constraints.  We have been informed that a new ballroom is planned but obviously this is a major development and we will keep you posted on any further developments.

We are planning some other events for the future and we hope that as many of you as possible will find the time and interest to support us.

Secondly, as many of you are aware the Association was formed to purchase equipment for Girne Hospital and the emergency services and, to-date, in excess of £125,000 worth of equipment has been purchased and donated.  Initially the fund raising committee consisted of approximately 10 people but over the years the personnel have changed for various reasons and there are now just Brenda and I organising fund raising events.  We have a small number of people who step in to help when called upon (you know who you are!) but we do lack help, we do not need help on the organisational side but we would be interested to hear from anyone who would be willing to support us with physical help when appropriate.  At the ripe old age of 75 I have had to admit I no longer have the energy that I had when I was 35!  Brenda says ‘speak for yourself!’

We have been very grateful recently to the Black Olive Cafe and the Carlsberg Winter Darts League who have raised money for the Association and would be happy to hear of any organisations which would be willing to fund raise on our behalf.  We have always been keen to organise value for money events and, with a little help, I think we can continue to support the hospital who have been instrumental in helping a lot of ex-pats with advice and practical expertise.

We are not an organisation that is able to charge a membership fee so the purchases that we make come from the money raised at actual events.  We have been gratified recently that some people have come forward to say that although they are unable to support some events for various reasons they have generously made a donation to the fund.

We think, and hope, there are a couple of years left in us but we would like to see the future of ‘The Friends’ secured.  Thank you for having the patience to read to the end!

Kind regards

Mike Plant

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  1. Having recently lost my wonderful wife Christine to COPD, I am feeling totally lost and would like to help the two of you in any way I can, my telephone mobile is 0533 8320472 or email ray.johnson220239, gives away my age but never mind Eh! Hoping to hear from you. Ray Johnson

    • Thank you for your kind offer and sorry to hear about your sad loss. I have forwarded your comment to Mike and Brenda Plant and I am sure they will be getting in touch with you soon.

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