UK Passport Renewals in Çatalköy with TNT

By Margaret Sheard …..

We have been made aware of a location in Çatalköy for UK passport renewal which is arranged through TNT.

We previously advised a passport renewal service through a company called Hire It which was located in Çatalköy and Alsancak but we understand both of these stores have now closed and we have noted this fact on the previous articles published about Hire It and included reference to the alternative service which is offered by The Little Furniture Shop.  We visited Leyla Bűtűner at The Little Furniture Shop which is opposite Pit Stop on the main road in Çatalköy and she confirmed that she organises UK passport renewals through TNT.

Also small packages for important documentation to the UK can be dealt with through the TNT service.

There is an online UK passport application form, which needs to be completed by the passport holder and this, together with 2 photographs and passport, can be taken to The Little Furniture Shop where the passport holder completes the TNT paperwork for the application to be sent off to the UK.  The charge at the time of publishing this article is 60 euros.  We have been advised that the return of the new passport is via DHL, who have a contract with the UK Passport Offices, and return is normally to the address of the passport holder, provided the courier can locate the address.

While talking to Leyla, we had a browse around The Little Furniture Shop which is very nice with many interesting ornaments and knick-knack items, plus bedding and furniture which can be made to customers’ requirements.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday.