Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts, Bellapais

We have received news from Stephanie Kuyucu of a new venture based in Bellapais, as part of the Kyrenia Academy, which will provide Holistic Development in Education, Music and the Arts for young people.  Among the many programmes being offered there will be a ballet class and street dance for little ones, as well as a range of other classes for older children.  There will also be tutoring in the English language, French and Maths.

Would you like your child to be able to sing and perform with other children in front of an audience?  There is a singing group being formed by the Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts.

Help your child find inner peace… by attending Meditation and Pilates, this is available for school aged children.

Timetable for Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts from Monday 4th September…
Monday 3.45-4.45pm Street Dance Juniors age 7+
Tuesday 3.45pm onwards Individual tutoring and Instrument lessons
Wednesday 3.45pm-4.30pm Baby Ballet age 3+
Thursday 3.45pm onwards Individual tutoring and Instrument lessons
Friday 3.45pm-4.30pm and

4.30pm onwards:

Street Dance age 3+

Singing Group (all ages welcome)

Saturday 9am-10am and


Musical Theatre

Tap and Modern Dance

Individual Tutoring

The Academy will be open 6 days per week – Monday to Saturday.  Registration starts on 1st September.

We visited Stephanie at the new premises while she was being interviewed by Engin Dervişağa for his BRTK Vox Pop programme, following which we had an opportunity to also ask her some questions about her new venture.

Stephanie is very passionate about children’s education and feels that it is so important to recognise their capabilities and nurture them and also to encourage those children who are maybe not talented in a particular field but want to learn.  This is why she is so keen to give one to one or small group teaching to bring out the best in children and make them feel confident with themselves and their learning capabilities.   State school teaching, with large classes, does not give the individual attention a child needs and Stephanie feels that an alternative form of teaching is much needed in North Cyprus, and this is her goal.

The Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts will be for children from the ages of 3 to 16.  Stephanie is also liaising with the newly formed Kyrenia Youth and Resource Centre (GIGEM) who cover the age group 16 to 26 and feels that they can work together in the field of education and social awareness and will be offering a design course in order that the young people can create their own portfolio.  Also English as a second language can be arranged.  Kyrenia Academy prepares students for the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers English examinations which are taken at a local institute in February.

We asked Stephanie to give us a short profile about herself and she told us she is from Hertfordshire in the UK, and was a secondary school teacher for 12-13 years in the UK.  Stephanie and her Turkish Cypriot husband, Kerim, have lived in Ozanköy for the past 3 years, they have two children aged 9 and 15.   Stephanie loves North Cyprus and is keen to do as much as she can for the future of the children on this beautiful island by providing an alternative type of education and so be instrumental in helping to form people who will perhaps be our future business leaders and politicians etc.

Following is some information about the Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts:

Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts is devoted to educating the whole, individual child, holistically. This school is owned by qualified and very experienced teachers, who have a working knowledge of child brain development and whose primary focus is the healthy development of your child.

Due to our size, we are able to offer a unique approach to your child’s education and we firmly believe that every child, regardless of ability, has the right to learn at their own pace and not be dictated to by the speed or ability of others. In essence, they may progress more quickly with some concepts and slower with others, depending on their thirst for learning.

All lessons are taught either one to one, or in groups of no more than ten children, depending on the subject.

Kyrenia Academy strives to foster a lifelong love of learning of the Arts: Languages, Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine Art, Design technology, Fashion….the list goes on.

Sending your child to Kyrenia Academy of Education and the Arts comes with an understanding that they are valued for their individuality and as such their successes will come automatically with their confidence, rather than as a result of continual standardised tests.

Please visit the website or call Stephanie on 0533 888 3605 for further details.  Information can also be found on the Facebook page by clicking here