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Two golden oldies relocate to Malaysia

By Kim Betts…

It has been a busy few months for KAR Pet Travel Export but one relocation recently had us just a little concerned.

We had been asked to help relocate 2 elderly cats from TRNC to Malaysia. Betty is the younger of the two at 14 years and Dulcie …well she is a real golden oldie at 17 years.

We spoke at length to their owner about their health and any problems that they may have. It is fair to say that they are reasonably healthy and are seasoned travelers but each journey (for any pet) will have its own particular issues that need taking into account – these may be simply box training, fear of being handled by men, dislike of loud noises etc – so we knew that due to their ages extra special care would be needed with Betty and Dulcie.

After ensuring that they met all of the entry criteria for Malaysia (which does include a mandatory quarantine period) we began to organize their travel plan. Their owner was pleased that we would be able to send them as a cargo booking as she was firstly returning to UK and the cats would be staying here. So the cargo option meant that she could move direct from UK to Malaysia without having to come back and collect the cats for their Malaysia journey.

We liaised constantly with our agent in Kuala Lumpur about the best times of arrival, quarantine options, delay plans and other issues that may have a bearing on the cats travel.

Finally when everything was in place – including their quarantine placement who had been advised that Dulcie was a bit of a dribbler due to having had some teeth removed – and we had their Import/Export paperwork completed we were ready for them to relocate.

Their owner was already in Malaysia waiting …. Betty and Dulcie travelled during the coolest and quietest times – in the evening from Ercan to Istanbul and then after a few hours transit overnight into Kuala Lumpur.

We were pleased to hear from our agent that the golden girls had arrived safe and sound and were already settling into quarantine.

They would be delivered to their owners at the end of their short (1 week) quarantine period.

It is strange how Pet Travel goes – the day after the golden girls arrived we had a request for help in Importing a cat …from Malaysia so it is a case of 2 out and 1 in – or should that be 2 in and 1 out !!!!!

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