December 9, 2023

By Chris Elliott……..

Way back on April 23rd 2013, I had the opportunity to go to the TRNC Health Ministry in Lefkosa to witness the signing of an agreement that heralded the introduction of an emergency telephone text system that would enable people to text their blood group and local hospital detail to a database with the aim being to “Save a Life” by giving blood donations. To read this previous article please click here.

Time has moved on and great developments have been made with this system and during this past week on Wednesday 23rd August a further meeting was held at the TRNC Ministy of Health when a new system was unveiled and we are delighted to share the news received shown below from Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV 112) about this new expanded scheme.


“We are happy to announce that; in cooperation with the TRNC Ministry Of Health, Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV 112), Telsim-Vodafone and Creditwest Bank, we have put the SMS system into practice with the intention of contributing to the emergency blood needs of our island.

If your operator is Telsim you will need to send an SMS to 7283 writing the region you live in and your blood type leaving a space in between in order to contribute to this project (example: LEFKOŞA A+).

If you are using other operators you will need to send the SMS to 0542 860 0112 with the same format. (p.s. the regions that are available to donate  blood is limited to  GÜZELYURT, LEFKOŞA, MAĞUSA and GİRNE at the moment.

We request you write the region that is the nearest to your accommodation or workplace)

Kind regards,

Ümit Karanar

Vice President of
Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV 112)


Please Don’t Forget To Share And Contribute. You Never Know When You Will Be In Need Of Blood. Thank You.”


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