December 6, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ……

Many of us who have come to live in the TRNC will be aware of the horrendous fire which swept across the Kyrenia Mountain range in 1995, and there are also many who were already living here at that time who will remember it vividly.

Tony Woods, a long time resident of the TRNC, and previous contributor to, who is now living back in the UK, has kindly sent some news cuttings of that dreadful incident and we felt it is an ideal time to warn people of the danger of causing a fire just by not giving enough thought to ensuring BBQs, camp fires etc. are totally extinguished after enjoying a picnic in the countryside and wooded areas.  Fires can start with a discarded cigarette end, broken glass, and of course unattended open air cooking fires.  Please be on your guard.

Picture courtesy of The Cyprus Weekly

With the heat-wave we have been experiencing in the TRNC it is up to the community to keep a watchful eye on anything which could result in a fire starting, which once getting a hold can devastate many donums of countryside and trees as well as wildlife.   It takes years to recover the landscape, which we should all be so proud to be able to enjoy.  So with a little thought we can continue to enjoy the beauty of the TRNC.

Please take care to avoid fires starting.   Not only does it result in an environmental catastrophe, it also puts people’s homes and the lives of those who have to tackle the blaze at risk.

As will have been seen on recent news coverage, there have been many wildfires this year  in Europe, Australia, USA and also in South Cyprus.   Let’s make sure the TRNC will be safe from this type of disaster.

To see the full newspaper cuttings received from Tony Woods click here

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