Edremit road bridges repaired and upgraded.

The bridge extension and water supply line renovation works carried out by the Girne Municipality and the Ministry of the Interior have been completed after the torrential rains and settlement issues in Edremit damaged the bridges.

After water flow increased due to past torrential rains, the water flowing under the bridge caused damage and this has been repaired and upgraded and the water supply line in this area has also been renewed.

Mayor Nidai Güngördü said:,

After the torrential rains in the Karmi and Edremit regions to ensure the smooth flow of water it was decided  to expand the existing bridges in the region to allow the increase in water flow under the bridges.

Güngördü stated that thanks to the studies made, it will be easier now for vehicles to pass using this route, he also said that a new guardrail will be installed on the bridge.