Dunkirk at Starlux Cinema, Karaoglanoglu – Film Review

By Margaret Sheard …..

Having seen some recent coverage about the film “Dunkirk”, we decided that as soon as it was showing at our local Starlux Cinema in Karaoğlanoğlu we would go along to see it and sure enough the following week when Chris received notification of the films which would be showing we found Dunkirk was one of them.

We have previously found that an afternoon showing is a good time to visit the cinema so we went along for the 1.30pm film which was in English with Turkish sub-titles.  Sitting having a cold drink and a piece of delicious chocolate marble cake (to die for!) before the film, we were pleased to see other expatriates who wanted to see the film, including Brian Thomas, Chairman of the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch, together with his friends.

We made our way to the Saturn Cinema and sat down in the very comfortable seats to await the start of the film, in a very cool atmosphere which was very welcome after the heat we experienced outside.   We were not disappointed, it was a brilliant production and the effects were great with the air battles and sinking ships.

The storyline was very sad, poignant and touching and made the audience feel for those who were stranded on the beach at Dunkirk and the brave people who took their small boats across the Channel to help with the rescue.  The sound effects and the way the film was put together had us on the edge of our seats as we could almost feel the anxiety and fear of the individual characters and the sequences with the fighter pilots where there was little dialogue but a lot of action in their efforts to save as many lives as they could.   The characters were varied in their quest for survival where it was in many cases each man for himself and the affect of shell-shock and those with fear of the consequences they faced and just did what they had to do which they felt was their duty, was something else we witnessed on the screen.

A brilliant film and well worth seeing. Have a look at the trailer below: