North Cyprus – Proposed Memory Walk for Alzheimers sufferers

By Margaret Sheard …..

We have recently received information from Vicki Karaca of the Black Olive Cafe in Alsancak which included a proposal to do something for Alzheimers sufferers in North Cyprus.  Currently, it seems there is no support for Alzheimers or Dementia and Vicki would dearly love to do something to help the families of people suffering from these illnesses.

This is what Vicki has written about her quest.

Memory walk

I’m not sure how many of your lives are affected by Alzheimers, but mine is.  Living here, I can’t do very much for my mum but I have an amazing family that do everything for her.   I just read about the Memory Walk that is held for the Alzheimers Association and would like to organise a night walk here in North Cyprus.  There must be some kind of association here we could raise money for.

Is there anyone out there that would like to join me in support for this worthy cause?

I have been making some enquiries and there doesn’t seem to be any support here for Alzheimers or Dementia, so maybe we can raise some money and help some families with respite or arrange for some work around the home to make things easier.   As I said I am very lucky to have a very close family that look after my mum.   I can’t give much help there, but I can do something here.

It is such a horrible illness and very hard work for the carers so let’s see if we can help in any way.”

For people who would like to help Vicki in her proposed quest please contact her on 0533 835 5133  or email