December 4, 2023

Stop beating the dead horse!

 By Chris Elliott…..

In the early hours of 7th July 2017 messages were beginning to appear in social media pages that all was not well at the UN hosted Cyprus Peace Talks in Crans-Montana in Switzerland.

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres soon held a press conference to announce that the Cyprus Conference had been closed without an agreement being reached and we published our article The lame Trojan Horse of Cyprus which had over 2,000 readings and still climbing plus many comments on the article and social media pages by Turkish Cypriots and those that support them to demand the UN, EU and the world to honour their promises and give the Turkish Cypriots the justice they have been asking for over 50 years.

Readers say: Stop beating the dead horse!

John Aziz Kent – Cyprusscene website article

Dear Chris Elliott

I sincerely thank you for your excellent  historically important article which should be sent to all relevant actors involved with the last round of very trying Cyprus negotiations in Crans Montana, Switzerland so that the Lame Trojan Horse can be exposed at long last.

We all know the old saying “don’t trust Greeks bearing gifts” and it is still in existence today. Personally during the last 70 years I have seen the atrocities by the Cypriot Greeks on the very brave Cypriot Turkish people with the whole western world ignoring what’s been going on.

They ought to be ashamed of themselves and also the EU for giving them more support by granting the Greek Cypriot half of Cyprus membership so that they could use this against Turkey’s efforts to join the EU.

This act must be an insult to any person with even the lowest of intelligence so the big question is will, the UN, EU, USA, UK or any other power stand up to point out the big ongoing LIE for so many years and manipulating with their LAME TROJAN HORSE

Now that everybody knows who the conniving side has been playing the Cyprus lying games on the whole world, can the world at last be truthful and point the finger on the guilty ones or are they still collaborating in this historical disaster or does everybody still believe in the ongoing Greek mythology.

Coupled with the past tragedies of the Lame Trojan Horse the time has come for the world to point out the guilty ones and say enough is enough before we are confronted with even bigger tragedies than we had in the past 70 years and this time it could involve many more states and people.

John Aziz Kent

Honorary President,

TRNC Hoteliers Association

Kay Hewson-Morgan – _ Cyprusscene website article

An honest and factual account of what really happened here in Cyprus, at last, well done Chris Elliot, please make sure the EU gets a copy, they are partly to blame for this situation anyway for allowing the Greek Cypriots into the EU in the beginning.

Unal Mehrubeoglu _ Cyprusscene website article

There is one particular point which everyone seeking a lasting “peace” should keep in mind;

The Cyprus Constitution by which Cyprus became an independent country in 1960 stipulated that Cyprus could not join any Pact or Organisation unless both Turkey and Greece were members of that Pact or Organisation and the Guarantors of that Constitution were Turkey, Britain and Greece by signing the London and Zurich Agreements.

Yet it was the latter two “Guarantor” Countries which went against their signatures and voted for Cyprus (Greek Cypriot Administration) to join the European Union an Organisation Turkey was not a Member of.

This being the case what signature or signatures can Turkish Cypriots trust for their safety? As far as I am concerned none other than that of Turkey, the only Guarantor State to honour its signature. Those who champion alternative safety guarantees for the safety of Turkish Cypriots must be living in Cuckoo land.

Sermen Erdogan – Cyprusscene website article

An excellent analysis of the Cyprus history Chris Elliott. You have simply put the truth on the Trojan Horse. However, I do not think that the horse will ever die in the minds of our Greek Cypriot neighbours!

Their education system and their religious leaders will keep their hope and aspirations for the next half of a century and who knows may be for the next 500 years to come!

That is the “Nature of the Beast” !!! My hope for PEACE in Cyprus just died with this episode! Best to be good neighbours as two separate states on the island! AND What’s wrong with that?

Aytac Akarca – Cyprusscene article

Yet again another failed attempt to reach an agreement with the Greek Cypriots. I never doubted that they ever will.

Now this should pave us another route to go independent state. That’s the only way out. Sod the bloody Greek Cypriots. Enough is enough.

Lets go for a plan B.

Steve Bisson – TFR The Foreign Residents in the TRNC Facebook

Have you thought about forwarding this article to the Secretary-General of the UN, it might just wake them up!

Kerim Kuyucu – Facebook

Chris Elliott well written and well said. If all TC’s had your passion and will to keep this type of information in the public eye, we wouldn’t be in the situation we have been for over 40 years. Thank you.

Johnny Pedersen –  – Facebook

Time to lift the embargo!

Korsan Cevdet – British Turkish Cypriots Association (BTCA) Facebook

Good contribution Chris; an accurate summary. To the question what next, I have a few humble proposals:

1) Turkey and Turkish Cyprus establish a single market in which there are no restrictions or tariffs – truthfully, with a population of approximately 330,000 Turkish Cyprus is comparable to a London neighborhood; it really shouldn’t be that difficult to create sustainably effective conditions for robust growth.

2) Following the alignment of the Turkish economies, Turkish Cyprus must go further to provide incentives for R&D. With over a dozen universities, including medical science faculties, imagine the cutting edge pharmaceutical and medical research that could be near-shored? While the EU and other Western centers have limitations on stem cell research and pharmaceutical developments, for example, we could leverage not being officially recognized in the interim to excel in these highly beneficial sectors.

3) Get rid of red-tape and provide tax incentives to transform Turkish Cyprus into the Singapore/ Taiwan / Hong Kong of the Eastern Mediterranean. People have consistently misunderstood the Taiwan Model first suggested in January 2004; it’s the financial, economic, social and pseudo-political integration of a non-recognized state into the global political economy. Where unjust and fabricated restrictions have been erected to alienate, isolate and starve Turkish Cyprus, Taiwan will be the legal precedent used to smash the embargoes that have caused us so much pain and limited our prospects. Capital enjoys growth and prosperity so we have to create an environment that is fully conducive to proper growth – not an unacceptable or unaccounted for pirate’s island, but legitimate and clean money that creates productive and sustainable wealth.

4) Now comes the the hard one — all Turks from Cyprus have to stop blaming others for their problems and adopt a Singapore-like culture that is resilient and committed to success by any means necessary. This means genuinely fighting corruption, cronyism and putting in a real system of checks and balances that will revolutionize the TRNC.

5) While local self-determination will be maintained and strengthened with an accountable and transparent system, Turkish Cyprus’s foreign, security and international policies will be aligned with Turkey’s to provide a cohesive macro environment.

I’ve probably written too much.

Wishing everyone a memorable 7 July 2017. May this be the day that leads Turkish Cyprus out of the dark and into a period of confidence, security and sovereign success which is independent of our neighbors to the south.

Les Shaw – Embargoed Facebook

It seems the Gc are blocking every attempt at a united Cyprus unless they are in charge of everything, (just look at the Greek economy bankrupt), do the Tc want them in charge, no way, whereas the north have agreed to most of the recommendations and what do they get…embargoed and restrictions imposed..

Salih Zorlu Ozkara – Embargoed Facebook

We do not wish to be ‘united’ with these bankrupt, artificial state of south “some say” Cyprus with false Greek administration! We are Turkish! Not Greek!

We have a totally different history, culture, religion and language from them! We went through this previously failed social engineering experiment!  That cost the Turkish people many thousands of dead and wounded, whilst the world looked the other way! We are not going back to living under Greek rule again! Not now! Not ever! Forget it!

Yusuf SalihFree Thinkers in Cyprus Facebook

Good article, Made great by the inclusion of the two links… & videos. video

1 thought on “The lame Trojan Horse of Cyprus : Readers comments!

  1. As a serving soldier who was stationed in Cyprus during the late 60’s and from 74 to 77 I would be very pleased to see a final solution to the Cyprus problem. However, having followed the progress of numerous unsuccessful talks, especially the latest talks at Cras Montana, I consider that prospect dead in the water.

    I am at a loss to understand why the Greek government and the government of the RoC honestly believed that Turkish Cypriots would be willing to accept a solution that didn’t involve keeping Turkey as a Guarantor Power.

    Turkey was willing to vastly reduce troops in the TRNC but Prez Nik and Greece wanted the Zero option and the exclusion of Turkey in any further solution. How naive and misguided.

    The International community should now realise that a peaceful and fair agreement cannot be met and all trade embargoes, sanctions or restrictions of any kind should be lifted. Let the Turkish Cypriot people go their own way. After 43 years of constant prevarication by the RoC it’s time to say enough is enough.

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