North Cyprus Football : Latest News 10/07/17.


By Richard Beale…….


Last weekend the BTM play offs were held with results as follows :

Kumyalı 0               Yıldrım 5

Çanakkale 4           Ortaköy 1

Akıncılar/Vadılı 4    Açay 0

Görneç 2                Yılmanköy 1

Kumyalı players celebratıng and rıght actıon from Akıncılar- Akçay match

Görneç players celebalatıng and rıght actıon from Çanakkale- Ortaköy match

Photographs : Kani Aldağ-Eren şışık-Burhan Gürkan- Yenidüzen and Kıbrıs Gazetesi


Akıncılar/Vadılı v Görneç

Yıldrım v Çanakkale

Matches to be played on Saturday July 15th.

The winners of both matches will be automatically promoted to the K-Pet League 1 (The League that Esentepe play ).

On a lighter note the “pride of the West Country” Bristol Rovers produced a world class performance winning away 6-1 against the “mighty “ Melksham Town in their first friendly match of the season. Come on you the Gas. UTG !.

Action from the match. Photo : Neil Brookman

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