The Environmental Protection Agency, which is part of  the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, has started to place informative signs in the regions to draw attention to environmental issues.

This practice, which will be carried out in order to raise awareness with the desire to create a more beautiful and more livable environment, will spread to all the provinces starting from the capital Lefkosa.

In this project, all the road roundabouts  will have installation of these informative signs.

In the declaration made by the Environmental Protection Agency this indicates that the amount of garbage or waste is less than 1 m³ – Monthly minimum wage is ¼, Monthly minimum wage is 1 – 10 m ³, and 10 m³ it was reminded that the monthly minimum wage is 2 times as much.

Editor’s  Note:

Our understanding is that there will be penalties for people abandoning rubbish in public areas as shown above.